These Are The Skills Needed To Build A Successful Marketing Team

These Are The Skills Needed To Build A Successful Marketing Team

Do you want to build a marketing team for your business? Take a look at these important skill sets that are essential to have in your marketing team.

By: Akshata Shirsath | 4 mins read
Published: Nov 18, 2020 12:05:49 PM | Updated: May 22, 2024 02:50:57 AM

Marketing is an important part of any successful business. Businesses across industries are aware of the value of marketing in increasing brand awareness, sales, and overall revenue. To build a successful marketing plan and implement it, businesses need a marketing team of skilled professionals. Whether your business is small or big, the support of a skilled marketing team is required to help your business grow.

Digital marketing has many different aspects, and a marketing team should include the skills to take care of various activities involved. Individuals must be creative and tech-savvy. They must be able to adapt to various marketing technology solutions that are available. If you want to build your marketing team, here are some skill sets that are required for a successful and efficient team.

Content Creation

Developing a content strategy is important for your marketing efforts. You will need to produce content in various forms to attract, nurture and ultimately convert your target audience. Content marketing helps businesses build trust and credibility. It also helps them capture more inbound leads that have the potential to convert. By providing your audience with relevant and useful content, you can encourage them to invest in your business. Your marketing team should include an individual who is skilled in producing various types of quality content.

This individual needs to possess knowledge about various forms of content that can help your business build a successful content marketing strategy. The different types of content include blogs, case studies, whitepapers, press releases, social media posts, emails, and more. The person working with content should be able to understand the voice of your brand and reflect that in the content produced for your business. This skill set is extremely important to have in your marketing team.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO makes your website more visible on Google’s search engine results page. Your SEO efforts play a big role in your overall marketing strategy. This can help your website rank better than your competitors. Your team should include someone well equipped with knowledge about various SEO strategies to make your website visible. The individual should understand how Google algorithms work, website optimization, keywords, and competitive research.

This area also requires the team member to be skilled in the technical aspect of SEO where they need to optimize the website to improve ranking. The working knowledge of on-page optimization practices like title tags, meta descriptions, URL structure, etc. is required. He/she should also be able to utilize content marketing and link building opportunities to build credibility for your website and promote content. Having knowledge about relevant keywords and how to research them is also important to SEO efforts.

Data Analytics

Data is leveraged to monitor and improve your marketing efforts. You need someone in your marketing team who has a strong understanding of analytics to track the performance of your website or app. It is best if this individual knows how to utilize a platform like Google Analytics to measure the performance of your website. Google Analytics is used by a number of businesses to track websites and traffic.

Businesses can track the flow of traffic from different channels and see which marketing campaigns are contributing more. They can also measure the performance of important landing pages and optimize them further. Every marketing team should have a team member who is skilled in analyzing data. Is also knowledgeable about the important KPIs to track. All these insights can help you see if you are completing the goals you have set for your business.

Marketing Automation

With marketing automation tools businesses can automate marketing processes and campaigns across various channels. Businesses can reach their target customers with automated messages through emails, social media, and more. Messages are sent automatically based on the triggers that you set. Your marketing team needs someone who has knowledge of how to utilize automation tools and set up workflows that automatically send messages to the selected audience.

The team member dealing with automation should be tech-savvy. And should be able to use tools like HubSpot that can help you automate your marketing campaigns. Utilizing marketing automation for online campaigns can help you be more efficient and get the desired results.

Managing Website

Website is an integral part of your business operations. Hence you need someone on your team who can manage your website on a daily basis. If you find an individual with both marketing and web designing skills, that would be very useful. However, it is also rare to find someone who can do it all. Most businesses take help from freelance web developers to set up their website. But they do need someone to manage and update the website on a daily basis. You need someone on your team who has some experience with managing websites.

This skill is useful because you often have to make various changes to your content, landing pages, CTA etc. This person can update various elements, upload content, create landing pages and more to maintain the website.

Social Media Marketing

Most businesses rely on social media marketing to promote their products or services. Social media is a flexible tool that can help you reach and connect with your ideal target audience. There needs to be someone on your marketing team who has experience using various social media platforms for the promotion. They should be aware of various insights available on social media that can be utilized to better customize content. Having knowledge about various paid forms of social media content like advertisements and sponsored posts is required.

This person should also know how to utilize tools like Hootsuite to schedule posts and also gain valuable insights. Creating influential posts to attract an audience is also a skill this individual should possess.

Paid Campaigns

Businesses use advertisements to promote their products or services to a wide range of audiences. The marketing team should include someone who is experienced with pay per click advertisements. Google Adwords is a platform commonly used by businesses to create and show their advertisements across Google’s network. Knowledge and understanding of this platform will be useful to all your advertising efforts.

Having experience with setting up ad campaigns, ad rank, keywords, bidding, using different ad formats etc. is imperative. It will enable you to create ads that successfully drive sales. If done properly, your ads can be more visible than your competitors and increase your conversions. Regular monitoring and analysis of these ads should also be managed by this person. An individual with these skills can allow you to get positive results from your paid campaigns.

A digital marketing team needs to include individuals with one or more of these skills mentioned to drive successful marketing campaigns. It is not possible for a single team member to be skilled in all these areas. If you are a company that is just starting out with marketing and don't have a marketing system in place, then hiring would not be the ideal option. You can look into outsourcing and take help from a third-party marketing agency equipped with all the skills required to set up your digital marketing plan.


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