How to Structure and Build a Modern Digital Marketing Team - Mistakes to Avoid

How to Structure and Build a Modern Digital Marketing Team - Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid these common mistakes when you are building your digital marketing team to ensure the success of your marketing efforts.

By: Akshata Shirsath | 4 mins read
Published: Nov 19, 2020 5:46:20 PM | Updated: Apr 24, 2024 01:02:36 AM


Every business, irrespective of their size, needs a strong marketing team to help them grow. This team consists of skilled and talented marketing professionals who plan and implement successful marketing strategies. Having skilled professionals in your marketing department can allow your business to excel in various aspects of marketing. The team can collaborate on different campaigns and provide their own expertise wherever needed.

However, if your business is new to digital marketing you may make some mistakes when hiring marketing professionals. This can negatively impact your marketing efforts and you may not get the desired results. To ensure the successful implementation of your digital strategies you may want to avoid some mistakes when you hire your marketing team. In this article, we will discuss the common mistakes businesses make when they hire their digital marketing team.


Not having a marketing system in place

One big mistake a company can make is to hire a marketing professional before building a marketing system. The company expects this person to kick start their digital marketing efforts immediately without the supporting technology or tools. This approach is not always successful. The correct approach would be to set up your marketing plan and choose the tools you want to use for implementation. Digital marketing has many different aspects like analytics, website, content, automation and more. You need to set up your marketing engine that helps you plan and implement all these marketing activities.

A marketing engine includes all your marketing activities and the tools you need to implement and measure them. The best practice before venturing into digital marketing would be to build your marketing engine first. After you have all this in place you can hire marketing professionals and hand it over to them. From then on, the marketing team can take over and start monitoring and improving various digital marketing efforts. Building a marketing system beforehand can help employees understand what you expect in your marketing efforts. They will know the goals and objectives of your business and work towards them. You can set a clear framework for your marketing professionals, which they can manage.

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Hiring one person to undertake different roles

Digital marketing includes various areas that marketers need to work on. These areas include data analytics, automation, content strategy, social media, paid search and more. If you rely on one individual to take care of activities related to all these areas, then you are making a mistake. Each area requires certain creative or technical skills that are impossible for one individual to master. You might need more than one individual who can help you with all these different marketing strategies.

By hiring two or more professionals you add diverse skill sets into your marketing team. This saves one individual from being overwhelmed with all of the activities. For example, you can hire one person who is great at writing various forms of content and can take care of the entire content marketing strategy. And you can hire another professional who is good with technology and can take care of activities related to automation or analytics. Include people with different skill sets so that each individual can be in charge of different areas. This can reduce pressure on one person. When someone is skilled at doing something, they will get the job done faster and better.


Avoiding digital onboarding of your team

Digital onboarding plays a key role in introducing your employees to the tools or technologies you use for marketing operations. As digital marketing relies on various online tools, it is important that your employees are aware of them. It is not possible for a person to know how to use all the marketing tools that are out there. Your company might be using specific tools for analytics, website, SEO, CRM or automation. Hence, you need to help your marketing team understand how you make use of these tools for various marketing related activities.

Team members should also be aware of all the tools you use to communicate with each other. Moreover, the tools you use to schedule various tasks so that all members of the team know who is working on what. They should also have easy access to all the login credentials they may need. If team members do not know how to leverage these tools, then they might not be efficient. Help them to become more familiar with the technologies you have adopted. This can save time in the future and team members will be more comfortable using these tools. In addition, it will also improve team collaboration and exchanging various information effectively.

Not aligning sales and marketing teams

Marketing and sales teams should always collaborate on various campaigns. Each team can learn something from the other. Sales teams are the ones who directly communicate with potential customers. They can give marketing teams insights on what the potential clients are looking for. With the help of these insights marketing teams can come up with customized content that is helpful for customers.

Similarly, marketing teams can provide valuable resources to sales teams that can help them. These resources could be in the form of content, tools or information. Updating the sales team on various marketing campaigns is important. Sales teams should be aware of the ongoing marketing activities so that they will know from where the leads are coming. They can also answer any questions the leads might have related to the campaigns. This collaboration helps both teams and makes the exchange of data easier.

Building a marketing team from scratch can be a challenge. But by avoiding these mistakes you can be sure you are on the right track. If you are building a marketing team from scratch be sure to have a functioning marketing system established. This can make things easier for your company as well as the employee. Without knowing the goals of your business, a newly hired individual can feel confused and overwhelmed. Investing time in onboarding is also important for your employee to understand their role in the company better. Encouraging collaboration between teams can give marketing and sales teams an opportunity to learn from each other. Ensure that you adopt all these best practices for your hiring process to make your marketing efforts successful. With a strong team you can build strong marketing strategies.

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