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In the digital age, finding the right talent to analyze and optimize your marketing efforts is more crucial than ever. At Analytio, we understand that the essence of a successful digital marketing strategy lies in expert analysis and data-driven decision-making. That's why we offer an exclusive "Analyst for Hire" service—your direct line to enhancing your team with top-tier digital marketing analysts.

Why Hire a Digital Marketing Analyst?

Specialized Skill Sets:

Our analysts bring a mix of technical expertise and business acumen to the table. From analytics implementation experts with profound knowledge of front-end programming and tag management systems like Adobe, GTM, and Tealium to data scientists adept in data architecture, mining, and integration using SQL, R, Tableau, and PowerBI.

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Comprehensive Marketing Analysis:

Your dedicated digital marketing analyst will be the cornerstone of your marketing efforts, providing continuous oversight of marketing ROI, campaign performance, audience segmentation, conversion optimization, and more. They ensure accurate measurement and evaluation of customer lifetime value and ROI, helping you optimize digital channels such as websites, social media, and advertising campaigns.

The Challenge of Building an In-House Analytics Team

Most marketing teams face the dilemma of either hiring a whole department—which may not be feasible—or settling for a jack-of-all-trades with potentially diluted expertise. Additionally, the process of hiring and retaining specialized talent can be complex and costly, especially when your marketing decisions depend on robust analytics, as is the case when spending over $1M on monthly ads.

How Analytico Solves the Talent Challenge

Flexible Hiring Models:

Whether you need a part-time specialist or a full-time team of analytics experts, we offer flexible engagement models tailored to your needs.

Seamless Team Integration:

Through our team augmentation services, we ensure that your digital analytics operations run smoothly without interruption. If an analyst transitions out, a new expert from Analytio steps in immediately, ensuring continuous support and seamless integration into your team.

Customized Engagement Approach:

Discovery Call:

We start with a discovery call to identify your current analytics gaps.

Audit and Setup:

Next, we conduct a comprehensive audit and setup of your existing analytics framework.

Resource Matching:

We then match our analytics experts to your specific needs, ensuring you have the right talent on board right when you need it.


Partner with Analytio for Expert Digital Marketing Analytics

Don't let talent limitations hold back your marketing potential. With Analytio's "Analyst for Hire" service, empower your business with the expertise needed to drive growth and optimize your digital marketing investments. Contact us today to start with a discovery call and see how our experts can transform your marketing analytics strategy.

Next Steps

Book your discovery call to discuss your analytics requirements and how we can help you elevate your user experiences, improve ROI and gain a better understanding of your marketing performance.

Our Digital Analytics Process

At Analytico, we help you at each stage of the digital analytics optimization journey from audit to setup and drawing timely insights from the data.

  • 1

    Disovery Call

    Get a better understanding of your marketing and business goals, audiences and challenges
  • 2

    Analytics Audit

    Identify gaps and opportunities in your current analytics setup.
  • 3

    Plan & Measure

    Track progress and success with clear metrics through a tailored strategy. 
  • 4

    Analyze & Improve

    Assess data performance continuously to optimize strategies and enhance results.