Google Analytics 4 (GA4) MigrationThe July 2023 timeline is ticking away

Upgrade to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) before Universal Analytics stops collecting data on July 2023.

While most companies are scrambling to use GA4 effectively, you can get a competitive edge by starting now. Our team can help you migrate from Universal Analytics to GA4 in no time.

We go beyond just implementing Google Analytics 4 on your digital properties. We strive to empower your team to utilize the platform effectively and enhance your digital optimization efforts.

Note: Historical data from Universal Analytics will not be transmitted to GA4. Failure to implement GA4 promptly will result in a loss of data insights.


Our Capabilities Unlock the full potential of Google Analytics (GA4)

Analytics Strategy
Historical Data Storage
Custom events and definitions
eCommerce Tracking
userID/clientID Tracking
Looker Studio Integration
Data Visualization & Reporting
BigQuery Integration
Hands-on GA4 Training

Our ProcessA strategic approach to GA4 implementation

Our migration process ensures you have a solid analytics foundation embedded within your organization and your team is well-equipped to draw actionable insights from your GA4 data

analytics audit and discovery

Audit & Discovery

Our first step is to conduct a thorough audit and discovery of your current Universal Analytics setup. This includes reviewing your existing data architecture, tracking setup, and goals to understand your specific needs and requirements. This is the foundation of a successful GA4 migration and sets the stage for a smooth transition.

GA4 datalayer implementation

GA4 Implementation

With a clear understanding of your needs, we'll implement GA4 to your specifications. Our team of experts will ensure that your data is accurately captured and migrated, and that your new GA4 setup is optimized for maximum accuracy and data privacy. We'll also ensure that any custom configurations or integrations are properly set up, so you can start seeing the benefits of GA4 right away.


Reporting & Insights

Our final step is to help you make sense of your data. With our reporting and insights capabilities, we'll provide you with actionable insights that drive growth and success. Our team will help you establish meaningful metrics and KPIs, create custom reports, and provide ongoing support and training to help you fully utilize the power of GA4.

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What's new in GA4

Google’s updated analytics platform is all set to help you better measure traffic and engagement across your website or mobile app. If you are already using Universal Analytics then you should migrate to GA4 as soon as possible. Migration can seem challenging, however when set up properly you can take advantage of GA4’s features to track your data accurately.

Use machine learning to unearth insights about the customer journey across platforms and devices.

Leverage enhanced, seamless integrations with Google’s advertising platforms across devices to optimize campaign performance and drive greater marketing ROI

With less reliance on cookies and IP address, GA4 is privacy-focused helping organizations comply with technology changes and new regulations around user data and privacy around the world.

Google Analytics 4 or GA4 is the newest version of Google Analytics to support the measurement needs of your website or app. The new update includes features to efficiently track user engagement, behaviour, and customer journey. GA4 has enhanced integrations with Google’s advertising platforms to optimize performance.

To verify that the tag is working, visit your website and check to see that your visit is being registered in the Real-Time reports.

There is no “view” level section of GA4. In traditional Universal Analytics there are three levels (Account, Property, and View), GA4 only has Account and Property levels.

One fundamental data collection difference between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 is Events. Universal Analytics hit types consist of event, ecommerce, page views or social hits. On the other hand, in Google Analytics 4 any and every interaction is captured as an event. Each hit type in the Universal Analytics property is an event in Google Analytics 4.

Yes, you can use UA as the main reporting platform while you start collecting data with GA4. Once you have enough data collected, you can complete your migration. 

Universal Analytics will phase out by July 1, 2023 by Google and will be replaced by GA4.

No, as they both have fundamentally different data structures. Hence, it is imperative that you get started with GA4 and start collecting historical data for when needed. 

After July 1, 2023 you will be able to access your historical data in your Universal Analytics property for at least 6 months. When this grace period ends, this data will no longer be available in Google Analytics.

This platform is for everyone. If you are already using Universal Analytics for data tracking and measurement then this is for you.

GA4 provides new and improved capabilities to track and analyze data across various platforms. If you want to get familiar with Google’s newest version and make the most out of it we can help. Our GA4 training can enable you to work with the latest version of Google Analytics confidently.

This training will introduce you to the new GA4 platform and event-based data structure. You will learn how to update from the current Universal Analytics platform to GA4. You will also get acquainted with the new capabilities and features to use them efficiently for data collection and analysis.


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