Why do marketers emphasize on writing a Guest Blog?

Why do marketers emphasize on writing a Guest Blog?

Why do marketers emphasize on writing a Guest Blog?

By: aprajita@analytico.ca | 3 mins read
Published: Nov 5, 2019 12:51:43 PM | Updated: Jun 12, 2024 01:49:13 AM

What is guest blogging?

It is a content marketing and SEO practice where a person writes and contributes a post on a third-party website or another website's blog to advertise their brand. That helps to develop relations, authority, publicity, and links. In guest blogging common interests for both parties are kept in consideration, the guest blogger and the website publishing the guest content.

Why guest blogging is considered to be an important tactic in marketing…

As a marketer, guest blogging is a critical technique to draw traffic back to their website. The most compelling factor is that it advances their domain authoring by utilizing external links to high-authority domains. As well as develop relationships with associates within the same industry. It also assists to improve their brand reliability and recognition

Advantages of Guest Blogging 

Writing blogs is a crucial aspect of content marketing as it has numerous benefits to online businesses:

Grow brand recognition

One of the prominent influences of guest blogging is to enhance the company's exposure as well as support companies to grow their brand. The advantage of the guest posts is to getting the company's name out in the industry you specialize in. Due to serious competition in the digital space today, getting the brand name is typical too as many places as possible. Ultimately making your brand more recognizable despite where you submit guest posts.

Earn useful links to your website 

Maximum blogs that acknowledge guest posts permit their providers to leave at least one link to their site. Google favors the quality of links you have leading to your website as a symbol of trust. Link building is the median of acquiring hyperlinks from different websites back to one's website. Hence, if appropriate and high-quality sites in the industry are linked to you, it will benefit you to rank higher. The guest post helps to direct toward establishing authority and control.

Generate quality traffic 

Every time you submit a guest blog on related websites, you are reaching a potential audience interested in your subject. All online business wants high-quality traffic that you receive in the form of a link or links back to your website. That is when you draw in viewers who are expected to benefit from the content or make a purchase. Moreover, if you are a consistent contributor you will be given the privilege of a short writer bio section.

Social media growth

Frequent guest blogging improves the number of social media shares of your content. The website owners who will share your original blog with their followers will give you a chance to reach the people who don’t follow your account. Resulting in advancing your follower count and stimulating your lead creation attempts. Your online promoted content will get credit on social media platforms. Making your brand look great in the perceptions of other followers.

Advances networking 

Guest posts boost your network because it present you in front of a new audience. These posts are often shared by readers and reviewed on a variety of social media platforms and discussions. It helps to be more noticeable among the online community which is crucial for your brand. Apart from developing a network, guest blogging enables you to connect and strengthen relations with the audience where your blog is introduced. 

Guest blogging X SEO efforts

Merging both, guest blogging and SEO efforts provides a great possibility to acquire a link back from a different site as well as benefit the search engine ranking. Curating and publishing valuable content on related industry websites that are high-quality assists in driving more traffic to one own's website. SEO Guest blogging should be prominently related to the topic of the guest post and should include anchor text that delivers proper understanding to both readers and search engines. 

Having trouble composing a guest post?

Here are 5 effective steps to write a guest post 

  1. Choose a topic and create an outline for the post; conduct research, brainstorm ideas, and analyze facts. 
  2. Create an informative and appealing headline that will captivate the viewer’s attention.
  3. Craft a draft post work on the different parts and gather the necessary information relative to that particular section.
  4. Usage of engaging and related images to improve the post by enhancing the flow and simplifying complicated topics. Thus, making it easier for readers to comprehend the message.
  5. Work on the final document, keep short paragraphs, use bullets everywhere necessary, proofread, avoid repetitive sentences, and eliminate necessary texts. Thus, making it easier for readers to comprehend the message.

Tips to keep in mind while exploring for guest blogging opportunities!

Whenever you write a blog, make sure that you do not overlook key blogging guidelines and avoid common mistakes that could lead to unsuccessful blog writing.

Choose an ideal website 

Search for websites that are related to your industry and understand their core theme. At the same time, keep in mind that how will it help your business. Create a list of websites where you want to pitch your guest blog and check whether they accept guest posts or not. 

Contact the right person 

Look for the right person to whom you will be pitching the guest blog too. To make the pitch more personalized, it would be great if you had the name of the person. Build a strong relationship with the person that will be beneficial for the future as well. 

Create a well-structured pitch

With an organized and tailored pitch, you can communicate that you have been following and have read the most popular content on their blog and have understood the reader's preferences. Mention 2-3 points about their blog posts that caught your attention and let them know that you are aware of what kind of content they are interested in.

Guest post guidelines 

Do not forget to read the post guidelines and apply appropriate changes accordingly. Therefore, being cautious and completing the requirements and reducing the chance of getting rejected. 

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