How UXCam can help you understand mobile app user journey?

How UXCam can help you understand mobile app user journey?

Learn how UXCam can help you understand and interpret the mobile user journey, and make your mobile user experience a success.

By: Sanya Bhargav | 7 mins read
Published: Jan 28, 2023 1:53:05 PM | Updated: Apr 24, 2024 01:02:36 AM

The importance of data analytics in any sector is essential, creating knowledge that can provide useful insights into the field. The success of every business depends on the user and understanding your user is the key to a growing venture.


It's not surprising that the mobile app market is booming given that there are more than 6.3 billion smartphone users worldwide. There are no immediate signals that the steady growth of app usage and smartphone adoption would slow down.


Add to that the 1.14 billion tablet users worldwide, a figure that has increased by nearly 36% over the last six years. During the day, if you look up from your phone for a second, you'll see that everyone else is also engrossed in a mobile device. When it comes to mobile applications, understanding your user and the needs of the audience must be given utmost priority and UXCam can help you easily understand the user journey for your mobile app.

Need to understand the user

The world is evolving. Consumer expectations are at an all-time high as a result of the fundamental change to business models that are mobile-first. To continue creating customer-first solutions at scale, businesses need to democratise data and make experience analytics – qualitative, quantitative, and technical user data — available.


App developers use the data gathered from the analytics to modify and enhance their programmes. This can entail including fresh features or updating current ones in accordance with user preferences. The ideal way to promote an application through multiple channels, such as social media campaigns, advertising, etc., is to identify the sections of the application that require improvement, what is already successful, and how to best do so.

Why UXCam?

UXCam is a self-service mobile app analytics which can help you understand your user journey. UXCam collects experience data at the micro-interaction level. These product insights provide a comprehensive picture of the entire client journey. 

With features like 

  1. heatmaps
  2. funnels 
  3. session replay
  4. crash statistics and more.

UXCam makes user motivations and problems crystal clear to product teams.


Depending on your company model and the kind of data you want to track, UXCam can be a great option for new businesses and offers a variety of functions that may be helpful. You may use UXCam to observe which features work better in certain situations and then automatically apply that knowledge to other parts of your product or marketing plan. Other services give you access to comprehensive demographic information or activity-based data that enables you to see how users interact with your service or website over time.

Prioritising User Journey

Giving priority to your user means understanding the user journey. The key to the success of your mobile app requires gaining a deep and detailed understanding of how users are engaging with your app. 


The engagement of users, their preferences and their preferred features will help you improve its functionality and experience leading to user loyalty and app success. This can be achieved through Mobile App Analytics using UXCam.

Improving the MobileUser Journey

The analytics provided by UXCam are able to reveal actual user behaviour. This is possible because of the ability of such analytics to put oneself in the users' shoes and comprehend their journey. The key to improve your app for an optimal user journey requires accurate inputs based on mobile app analytics. On the basis of clear understanding of the user, UXCam provides detailed insights to the teams working on mobile apps and with such insights, businesses can create empathic products. 

UXCam provides the solutions for your users


  • Crystal clear visuals for efficient data interpretation

For product teams, decision-making and prioritisation are made simpler by the clear visuals and useful data on the UXCam dashboard. UXCam increases the agility of your team by democratising access to data across enterprises. Get the most pertinent engagement and frustration metrics for each individual user in a single view. 


To easily construct visualisations and carry out additional research, you can group this data with any set of user/device attributes.With screen flow, you can see exactly how each of your users moves between the app's various areas. It is simple to pinpoint the obstacles that cause drop-offs and to verify the outcomes of important design choices.

  • Customisable dashboards for interactive 

UXCam allows you to instantly create interactive dashboards which allows teams to -

  • Fill out dashboards quickly using the template collection.
  • Add widgets to your dashboard with only a few clicks.
  • Since the UI was created with non-technical teams in mind, no training is necessary.



These dashboards are made with keeping the user in mind and can quickly respond to any query regarding the user journey analytics. You can utilise the widget builder to modify your dashboards to suit your needs and use real-time data to take immediate action. UXCam also allows you to make numerous dashboards with all of your metrics.

Understand the why and how of user behavior with customizable dashboards

UXCam dashboards finish intricate analyses with just a few clicks. You can go directly to the data source underlying your analysis and gain a deeper understanding of the issue. You can recognize the rationale for metric movements and align teams through dashboard sharing. UXCam dashboards can export data available in a number of formats, such as CSVs which can improve team cooperation. You can also export dashboards as PDFs or pictures.

  • Record and analyze sessions

UXCam allows you to record app sessions without any instruments and analyze the performance of your app. Playback and analysis of session records might help you uncover the true motivations driving your users' behavior. It is easy to set up and can all be set up without any hassle in less than 30 minutes. 


UXCam helps you to recognize sessions with user annoyance signals. If you want to concentrate on the sessions that lead to bad reviews and churn, use the advanced filters and segment session recordings to understand distinctive mobile events like crashes, angry taps, and UI freezes.



After getting detailed analysis, you can share the findings with your team. You may quickly tag other team members by using UXCam’s session commenting tool. Make note of any discovered usability issues and time events in seconds. Using the session labelling, you can quickly revisit sessions with comments.


Over the years, UXCam’s SDK has undergone rigorous testing and is currently used in over 37,000 apps. It is easy to integrate and lightweight by design which makes sure the data you collect complies with security requirements. Every screen that contains private user information is covered by UXCam.

  • Understand the perspective of user behaviour


UXCam provides you with a compelling visual narrative of how specific users are interacting with your app, what their fundamental habits are, and the reasons behind their drop-offs. UXCam lets you understand the in-app user experience by -

  1. Letting you discover the full qualitative picture of how users interact with your app. 
  2. Helping you understand and explore chances for UX development by understanding behaviour patterns and tracking the user's progress through historical session recordings.
  3. Identifying the source of any negative reviews 
  • Handle negative reviews about your app

If you are receiving a lot of uninstalls and poor app reviews lately, UXCam can help you resolve this issue. With the help of its sophisticated user search and filtering features, you can understand and recognise the source of these negative reviews. You can quickly focus on user segments that had less than optimal in-app experiences. 


  • Understand the purpose of your users

Understand how your users interact with your mobile app with heatmap analysis and make improvements. UXCam helps you to find and fix the major obstructions that hinder user experience. 


You can examine which app features people interact with the most and which ones they don't utilise at all. You may then compare which features boost user retention and stickiness in your app with those that don't. Then, you can concentrate on improving features that don't.



Quit questioning whether your users are tapping where they should be. UXCam’s heat map  analysis lets you find UI problems and repair them before your users lose patience and leave. Heatmaps for every screen are compared across all of your app versions and platforms. This enables you to track and verify changes in user interaction and behaviour across various user segments.


Each heatmap you are examining has various entry and exit screens that may be rapidly seen. UXCam’s analysis helps you receive a complete picture of the in-app user journey when combined with the option to contextually replay related sessions.


  • Discover why your users drop off

To help users complete the objectives of your mobile app, funnels separate user journeys into significant checkpoints. Users of UXCam have the option of filtering sessions based on the chosen funnel phase and quickly create multi-step funnels. 


Funnels are displayed using retrospective data from the session records of your app. You may begin building multi-step funnels that easily represent in-app user experiences even without any instrumentation. 



With the help of custom events you already track, break out each step of the conversion process. You may compare and gauge conversion percentages between segments by grouping funnels according to user or device characteristics. View the sessions or users that left at each stage of the funnel and did not continue. 


Examine intricate user journeys. We all know that rarely are conversion pathways sequential. You can easily gain visibility into complex user conversion behaviours by having the option to design funnels for user journeys spanning the same or different number of sessions.


  • Analyse specific user journey

With the help of embedded event analytics, start monitoring the exact user activities in the app that you are interested in. With this strategy, you may examine new features of your app and analyse particular user journeys in a way that is different from traditional metrics. By using a technology that supports custom events, you may review these sessions via session recording to acquire a better knowledge of the user experience. 



UXCam helps you save time by letting you spend less time on instrumentation or sluggish app release cycles. You may sAny combination of custom events or user properties that you want to track can be combined to rapidly produce layered graphs. You may quickly generate customised visual reports of your key app KPIs by clicking a button.


You can replay events to get good feedback. Don't simply stop at viewing the primary app KPIs and tracking events in real-time. By repeating the user sessions connected to those events, you can gain detailed insight into user behaviour in the intervals between data points.


  • Resolve your issues

Maintain a top-notch mobile app experience while keeping an eye out for crashes and bugs. The SDK for UXCam is lightweight by design and easy to set up.

Analytics for crashes that incorporate session replay

To fully understand the causes of crashes, match crashes to sessions and replay the crashed sessions. Fully understand the cause and effect of these issues by tracking affected users and crashed sessions in real-time, and export the thorough crash data. You can also set up crash alerts using UXCam’s Slack integration to receive real-time updates about crashes.



With the help of UI analytics freeze, UXCam lets you identify sessions and users affected by UI problems and record UI freezes. It also sorts UI freezes based on the average freeze time, the first and last occurrences, the OS, and the device. You can export logs for every UI freeze with ease, then replay the affected sessions in video format.


UXCam has handled exception reporting. You can keep track of the issues you've resolved and make sure your software can handle unusual situations without interfering with the user experience. With the help of UXCam’s screen flow analytics and heatmaps, locate the screens where handled exceptions occur. 


Handle app logs

Consider each user action from a technological standpoint to understand what's going on behind the scenes.UXCam lets you investigate problems in the app at the precise moment they arise and determine how your app's backend functions and performs. UXCam currently supports native Android, native iOS, React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter frameworks.


Ensure the success of your mobile app

Mobile app analytics help in comprehending several facets of your app, like: How is your app used by users? What makes them stick? How frequently do they use it? What are the traffic's sources? Which referrers are most popular? How many people have downloaded your app? Are there any crashes taking place?


UXCam helps you understand how your application is being utilised and what features or functions it requires. If you want to ensure accurate analytics for understanding the mobile user journey, UXCam is the best in the game.