What is the difference between Marketing Automation and Email Marketing

What is the difference between Marketing Automation and Email Marketing

What is the difference between Marketing Automation and Email Marketing

By: aprajita@analytico.ca | 3 mins read
Published: Oct 29, 2019 10:32:44 AM | Updated: Jun 16, 2024 04:49:42 AM

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a kind of software that enables organizations to efficiently target consumers by automating marketing activities, from multifunctional campaigns to varied channels. It incorporates email, websites, social media and precisely measures marketing efforts to produce sales leads.

As a marketer, it saves time and energy and provides a more personalized experience for the target audience. This technology of marketing automation makes these tasks more manageable. It is typically utilized by marketing departments to remove repetitive tasks from employees' workflows and enhance overall marketing effectiveness.

Why does it matter to the business?

Marketing automation gives marketers the capability to generate consistent, one to one cross channel campaigns that deliver a harmonious and integrated customer experience. The main goal is to present the relevant content, at the right time and to the right customers. Ultimately, retaining the client's trust and loyalty for the brand.

Let’s dive into the benefits of marketing automation 

Great lead nurturing

With the help of automation software, companies can automate the various levels within marketing and sales, which provides a team to concentrate on the overall procedure and sustaining the leads. The software offers a more comprehensive knowledge of potential consumer's behaviour.

Behavioural tracking systems such as trailing a viewer's way through the website, automation software can assist your marketing department to understand user’s concerns and where they stand in the purchasing cycle. Eventually, the follow-up email content can then be personalized around these insights.

Alignment of sales and marketing operations

Without a doubt, marketing automation joins the gap between marketing and sales efforts. Misalignment among the two departments is due to outdated methods and structures. The automation software builds a singular point of contact for useful customer relationship management integration. 

The marketing automation tool helps to bring in more clarity in work for both the teams to operate smoothly. It enhances lead quality and follow-up. Ultimately, it strengthens the bond between both departments.

Standardized data for smarter decisions

Marketing automation software is profoundly reliant on the correctness, completeness and legality of the data. The data is arranged in a manner that is easy to inspect and edit and quicker to interpret. The automation permits you to smoothly embrace data, accumulating important information and putting it instantly to work.

The centralized information system determines that new information is simple to organize, and tracking and recording of data becomes effective. The automation software platform has the capacity to compile the entire profile of the prospects.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a type of online marketing that takes place when an organization delivers promotional messages or materials to gatherings of people through email. It is a technique of advertising products or services, the objective is to gain new clients, develop or improve an organization's connection with their prevailing consumers.

It is a technique of advertising products or services, the main objective is to gain new clients, develop or improve an organization's connection with their prevailing consumers. It is an extremely compelling digital marketing tactic and has matured to be a necessary tool for an organization. An exceptional valuable tool in association with eCommerce and is utilized for displaying transactional, promotional messages.

Why email marketing is popular in digital marketing?

It is a cost-effective solution that provides companies with the ability and the direct medium to influence their leads and consumers. It can spontaneously send personalized marketing materials to specific audiences. Email Marketing is to be as precise, accurate, and clear in conveying the message to the target consumer. 

Benefits of email marketing

Personalized and segmented campaign messages 

Email marketing permits companies to segment their customers in separate lists based on their choices to send extremely personalized content. The email list segmentation operates fantastically for brands who obtain data about their subscribers. Also, it assures that users are acquiring the most appropriate and useful content and addresses the customer by name, which adds a personal touch to it. 

The target audience will receive messages that they are interested in. From fabricating the ideal subject line to images that correlate with your customer that cultivates a strong base of trust. Thus, this helps to drive the engagement level and create a relationship with your client that can develop over time. 

Strengthen relationship and  trust

It is an excellent means to establish one to one connections with existing and potential consumers. As well as it provides the opportunity to raise credibility with the audience by offering valuable and educational content. Most of the companies produce a repeated(month, weekly or yearly) email newsletter to deliver effective content to their readers on a periodic basis. 

Eventually, adding value for the readers. By crafting appropriate, well-written and appealing newsletters and emails that users find relevant.  Companies strive to strengthen their reliability and authenticate themselves as thought influencers in the industry.

Automates and boost sales process 

Email marketing is efficient throughout each step of the buying process. As well as the best means to get your most trustworthy content in the face of decision-makers. Individuals can also set up automation campaigns to prompt a specific message when a user takes an action on the website. 

These tools improve email campaigns that automatically send email messages to users on a planned schedule. Companies can design exclusive offers or rebates for future buying. Even, list related items to the client's previous purchases. Similarly, highlight items that are regularly bought beside the products the buyer ordered.

Simple to track and measure the engagement level

For every email delivered, all the metrics, reports and how many viewers are viewing, clicking, and reading the email content can be tracked and gathered precisely. Companies can assess the progress of a campaign by adopting data-driven web software. That helps to make smart, analytical based decisions regarding the email marketing attempts.

That allows companies to determine if the email campaigns are succeeding. How much of an ROI the campaigns are contributing to the business. The added essential advantage of this marketing is that it is simple to understand where the efforts are going wrong and what requires improvement.