10 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Important For Your Marketing Efforts

10 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Important For Your Marketing Efforts

Email marketing is a way to connect with leads, nurture them and convert them into customers. Here are 10 reasons why email marketing is important.

By: Akshata Shirsath | 5 mins read
Published: Oct 6, 2020 5:37:48 PM | Updated: May 24, 2024 01:45:27 AM

Many people look at email marketing as an outdated method. But marketers know how beneficial email is to their overall marketing strategy. Email marketing is an effective way to connect with leads, nurture them, and convert them into customers. It is crucial for various marketing strategies like inbound, content, and account-based marketing. Your prospects and customers can receive personalized messages that can help them connect with your brand. It is a great way to get your customer’s attention and engage them.

According to HubSpot Research, Global Survey, Nov-Dec 2019, 78% of marketers have seen an increase in email management over the past 12 months. Email ROI is increasing as consumers prefer connecting with brands through emails. This survey reported that promotional emails are the most common email type that marketers prefer to invest in. Consumers always have their mobile phones in hand and can check their email immediately through their mobile devices. Email is one way to ensure that your consumers don’t miss out on any updates from you.

The statistics mentioned above show that email marketing is an important tool for marketers. Here are the reasons why email marketing is important for your marketing efforts.

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You can create personalized content

Personalization can help your audience relate to your brand. With email marketing, you can personalize and customize your content to cater to the needs of your audience. Adding a contact's first name to the email is a great way to personalize your emails. Emails that include the first name of the user have a higher click-through rate than the ones that don’t.

Another way to customize your emails is through audience segmentation. Segment the audience based on the stage they are at in your sales funnel and then create customized content for each segment. You can use different messaging, images, or subject lines for different segments. For example, if a user visits your website and downloads some content, you can create messaging for these leads. The content can be more information about your products or services that they might find interesting.

This type of personalized messaging can help you cater to your audience’s needs. It can enable you to nurture your audience and make them customers.

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Driving traffic to your website

With email marketing campaigns you can send users to your website. Along with your email content provide CTAs within the emails that take the users to your website. These CTAs could lead users to your contact, signup, or download page where the users engage and take action. For example, if you create a newsletter that includes your blogs, you can send users to your blog page where they engage with your content.

This can help you generate leads who find your content interesting and have the potential to be your customers.

Improve your sales

Email marketing campaigns have the potential to increase your sales. You can feature your products or services in your emails to entice customers into purchasing. Information about sales, discounts, or other promotional activity can be passed along through an email. For example, if you have a user who has entered items in the cart but did not check out, email can be used to remind them about completing their purchase.

If any users have shown interest in your content, you can automate informative messages to provide them with content that further sparks their interest. This can encourage them to take action and lead them to conversion.

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Reaching audiences at the right time

Email marketing makes it much easier for you to reach your audience. People in the workforce are constantly checking their emails, and you can easily reach them. They use multiple devices to check emails, especially their mobile devices. This means you can reach them instantly.

Email campaigns are inexpensive

Creating email campaigns is cost-effective. The only cost could be the employee’s salary who creates these emails and any platform you are using to create your emails, for example, HubSpot or Adobe Stock images. It’s not like paid advertising where you have to pay for every click. Through emails, you can present your products or services to your customers without paying for them.

Moreover, creating email campaigns does not take that long. You can spend a day or two creating content for your emails. Then set up a workflow that is triggered by a certain action. By doing so you don’t have to keep creating various messages or spend time sending them to every lead. It will be sent automatically once it's triggered. This reduces the need to do repetitive or mundane tasks.

Gathering feedbacks

Every brand wants to know what their customers think about their products or services. You need to monitor your customer’s experience with your brand. This will help you better understand your customers and make improvements for the future. Email marketing can help you collect feedback from your customers. You can ask your customers to rate their experience with the product or service and customer service. Short surveys can also help you gather information on their experience with your brand. This is also a good way to collect your Net Promoter Score or NPS. With this score, you can find out which customer group is more likely to recommend your brand to other people.

Building your contact list

Building an email list is the foundation of email marketing campaigns. Without a list, you would not have any contacts to send emails to. This contact list can help you determine the lifecycle stages of each contact. Contact list data is something that you own. And you can keep interacting and engaging with your customers through emails.

Measuring your email campaign

Email marketing can be measured effectively to show you how it has been helping your business. Most platforms you use to create your emails, like HubSpot, allow you to track open rates, click-through, and conversion rates. With this information, you can gauge how your email campaigns are contributing to your overall revenue. As you have invested your time and resources into these campaigns, you need to know how they are helping you succeed.

Providing a good customer service

Emails can help you provide your customers with the best service. Customers are always looking for updates on shipping or delivery once they place their order. They also write emails if they have any specific queries. Providing the customers with the right information is essential. Responding quickly to their queries makes your customers happy and satisfied with investing in your brand. You can further ask for feedback and provide them with more informative content after they make a purchase.

Keeping in touch with your customers

Emails allow you to add a personal touch that makes your customers feel special. It is also a great way to stay in touch with your customers often. Since you are providing them with relevant, personal, and valuable information based on their interests, they will not find it annoying.

Most customers don’t like to see ads when they are watching videos or scrolling through their social media. But they prefer emails. One reason is because they agree to receive marketing emails from the brand. They like being updated about promotions or the launch of new products. Lastly, customers appreciate content that is based on their interests and educates them. As customers appreciate this method of communication, you can stay in touch with them frequently via email.

Email marketing can be an effective tool when used correctly. Make sure to spend some time doing research on your customers and building quality content. Use balanced colors and layouts to make your emails look appealing. This can help you get maximum advantage of your emails. Emails are a great way to communicate with your audience, improve sales, and form long-term relationships with your customers.

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