Pinterest Ads for B2C Brands: Unlocking the Potential of Visual Search

Pinterest Ads for B2C Brands: Unlocking the Potential of Visual Search

Pinterest ads drive B2C sales with captivating visuals, precise targeting, and increased website traffic, conversions, and brand awareness.

By: Menahil Shahzad | 5 mins read
Published: Mar 22, 2024 5:51:58 AM | Updated: Apr 19, 2024 12:46:30 AM

Are you scrolling through Pinterest solely for DIY home decor ideas, for some makeup inspiration, or are you lost in Pinterest wedding boards?

But for your knowledge, Pinterest is more about that. 

Its visual discovery platform is evolving into a potent resource for B2C companies seeking to enhance their brand visibility and marketing efforts.

In 2022, Pinterest accrued advertising revenue totaling 2.8 billion U.S. dollars. Projections indicate this number will ascend to 5.1 billion U.S. dollars by 2027

This social sharing platform contributes approximately 0.5 percent to the global ad revenue pool.

It's remarkable, right? Let's learn how it contributes to digital advertising.

This blog covers how B2C brands can utilize Pinterest’s unique visual search capabilities for targeted advertising and customer engagement.

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Why Pinterest for B2C Brands?

Pinterest boasts over 400 million monthly active users, making it a treasure trove of potential customers for B2C brands

Pinterest for B2C Brands

Its highly visual nature and focus on inspiration and discovery make it an ideal platform for businesses selling products ranging from fashion and home decor to food and lifestyle.

Visual Search in Pinterest:

Visual search technology enables users to search the internet using images instead of text. It analyzes images using AI to identify elements like color and shape, providing precise matches or similar items. 

Visual Search in Pinterest

Visual search enhances user experience and engagement, prompting significant investments from major enterprises.

While ideal for visually-oriented queries like home decor or fashion, it may not suit tasks requiring detailed textual information.

Pinterest provides various advertising options to assist businesses in accomplishing their marketing objectives, using its distinctive visual search engine and actively involved user community.

How to use Visual Search in Pinterest for Advertising: 

Using the visual search option in Pinterest for advertising involves a few steps. 

Here's a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Create a Pinterest Business Account:

If you don't already have one, sign up for a Pinterest business account. It will give you access to additional features useful for advertising.

Step 2: Set Up Pinterest Ads Manager:

Navigate to the Ads Manager section of Pinterest and set up your advertising account. 

Step 3: Create a Promoted Pin Campaign:

In Ads Manager, click "Create ad" and select the "Promoted Pin" option.

Step 4: Choose Your Campaign Objective:

Pinterest offers different campaign objectives like brand awareness, engagement, traffic, and conversions. Choose the objective that aligns with your advertising goals.

Step 5: Define Your Target Audience:

Specify the demographics, interests, and behaviors of your target audience. It will help Pinterest deliver your ads to the right users.

Step 6: Set Your Budget and Schedule:

Decide your daily or lifetime budget for the campaign and schedule a time when you want your ads to run.

Step 7: Create Your Promoted Pin:

Upload the image or video you want to promote. Ensure that the visual is high-quality and eye-catching to attract users' attention.

The Power of Promoted Pins:     

Pinterest offers a deeply engaged and precisely targeted user base eager to explore novel products and concepts. Through Pinterest ads or promoted pins, brands can connect with this expansive audience and direct them to their websites.

The Power of Promoted Pins

Pinterest is uniquely equipped to cater to the purchasing mindset of its users, making promoted Pins a powerful tool for advertisers. 

Advertisers can optimize campaign performance by selecting objectives aligned with their key performance indicators (KPIs) and honing in on specific audiences.

What sets Pinterest apart is its robust search engine functionality.

Users come to Pinterest with clear intent, providing brands to use keyword bidding and align with users' intentions to enhance return on investment (ROI).

While many visual platforms prioritize personal popularity and peer engagement, Pinterest stands out for its ability to inspire positivity, excitement, and aspiration. It is a hub for users seeking inspiration for their lives and purchases, emphasizing brand authenticity above mere projection.

Pinterest Advertising Option:

Pinterest has ways to advertise your stuff, not just by boosting pins.

Let's break them down:

Pinterest Advertising Option

  • Idea Pins: 

These stories on platforms like Pinterest allow users to showcase their content through videos and images. They offer interactive elements like tagging, stickers, and hashtags to engage users.

  • Try-on Product Pins: 

This feature enables users, particularly in the beauty and fashion industries, to virtually try on makeup or clothes using their phone cameras. It offers a preview of how the product would look on them before making a purchase.

  • Collection Ads:

Ideal for online shops, collection ads present a primary image or video along with three smaller ones. Clicking on the ad displays multiple images or products within a single ad. 

Users can swipe through the carousel to view different products or variations of a single product, making it a versatile and engaging format for showcasing a range of offerings.

  • Shopping Ads: 

Similar to other platforms like Shopify, shopping ads focus on displaying a single product to users who are likely interested in it based on their browsing or purchasing behavior. These ads reach the right audience and promote specific products effectively.

  • Product-Rich Pins:

These pins provide detailed product information, price, and availability status. They automatically update, ensuring users see the most current information when they click on the pin. 

This feature helps users make informed decisions about their purchases and keeps them up-to-date with product details.

How Effective is Pinterest Advertising for B2C Brands? 

Pinterest has emerged as a powerful platform for businesses, particularly for B2C brands aiming to engage with their audience in visually appealing ways. 

With its focus on images and videos, Pinterest offers a unique environment where users actively seek inspiration, ideas, and products. 

Here's how they can do it effectively:

Pinterest Advertising for B2C Brands

  • Visual Discovery:

Pinterest is all about visual discovery. Users explore new ideas, products, and services. For B2C brands, this presents an opportunity to showcase their offerings in a visually captivating manner.

By creating eye-catching pins that resonate with their target audience, brands can increase their visibility and attract potential customers actively seeking inspiration and solutions.

  • Targeted Advertising:

Pinterest offers robust targeting options that allow brands to reach their audience.

From demographics to interests and behaviors, advertisers can tailor their campaigns to specific segments, ensuring content is displayed to users likely to engage with it. 

This targeted approach maximizes the effectiveness of advertising efforts and increases the likelihood of driving conversions.

  • Promoted Pins:

Promoted Pins are an advertising format on Pinterest that seamlessly integrates into users' feeds, making them appear native and non-intrusive. 

These pins blend in with organic content, allowing brands to promote their products or services in a way that feels authentic and relevant to users.

By promoting high-quality, visually appealing pins, B2C brands can capture the attention and drive traffic to their websites or landing pages.

  • Rich Pins:

Pinterest offers various types of Rich Pins, including product, recipe, and article pins. These enhanced pins provide additional context and information, making them more valuable to users. 

For B2C brands, product pins, in particular, enable direct linking to product pages, making it easier for users to discover and purchase products they find on Pinterest. This streamlined user experience enhances the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and increases conversion rates.

  • Mobile-Friendly Platform:

With a significant portion of Pinterest users accessing the platform via mobile devices, advertising on Pinterest allows B2C brands to reach consumers wherever they are. 

The platform's mobile-friendly interface ensures that ads are displayed seamlessly across various devices, providing a consistent user experience and maximizing the reach of advertising campaigns.

  • Inspire Purchase Intent:

Pinterest is inherently a platform for inspiration and aspiration. Users often turn to Pinterest to discover new products or plan future purchases. 

By showcasing their products, B2C brands can inspire purchase intent among users and influence their buying decisions. 

Through strategic advertising, brands can position themselves as sources of inspiration, driving engagement and ultimately leading to conversions.

  • Collaborate with Influencers:

Teaming up with Pinterest influencers can expand B2C brand reach and boost engagement. They create and share content showcasing the brand's products, enhancing visibility and credibility. 

Influencers can create and share content featuring the brand's products, amplifying its visibility and credibility.

With Pinterest's visual search capabilities, B2C brands can precisely target ads, engage audiences, and boost sales and loyalty.


With Visual search features, targeted advertising options, and native ad formats, brands can effectively reach and engage consumers, driving awareness, consideration, and conversion.


In conclusion, Pinterest advertising presents a unique opportunity for B2C brands to harness the power of visual search and connect with a vast audience of engaged consumers. 

As the platform continues to evolve and grow, embracing Pinterest advertising can unlock the full potential of visual search for B2C brands, driving increased sales, customer loyalty, and brand success in the digital landscape. 

With Pinterest's dynamic capabilities, the possibilities for B2C brands are limitless, offering a pathway to innovative marketing strategies and lasting connections with consumers.

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