6 Mobile Marketing Tips To Drive Successful Results

6 Mobile Marketing Tips To Drive Successful Results

Here are some useful mobile marketing tips that can help optimize your existing strategy and get the desired outcomes.

By: Akshata Shirsath | 4 mins read
Published: Sep 21, 2021 3:07:42 PM | Updated: Jun 16, 2024 04:50:06 AM

There are about 5.20 billion unique mobile internet users globally. These numbers are growing at a 2% annual rate, however, between 2020 to 2021 the number grew over 90 million (DataReportal). Mobile marketing is a great opportunity for marketers to target their potential customers. Most users are using their mobile devices to gain online access. This shows how important it is to consider mobile marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy.


Many businesses use mobile marketing, however sometimes they don’t get the results they need. Mobile marketing requires you to understand your audience’s behavior and how they interact with their devices. You need to consider their overall experience when they interact with your campaigns. In this article, we will discuss some useful mobile marketing tips that can help optimize your existing strategy and get the desired outcomes.


Optimize your emails


Many businesses leverage email marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy. According to HubSpot, 46% of emails are opened on smartphones. Emails are one of the common ways brands communicate with their customers and prospects. Users access their emails through smartphones because it is convenient. However, if they have poor experience with your emails, they may not engage with it. To optimize your emails, you can work on two key aspects which are message and design.


The first thing that your users will see is your subject line. Based on this they may open your email or ignore it. Create an intriguing subject line that makes a user want to open your email. Make it concise and unique. This can help you grab your user’s attention so that they are curious to open your email. Ensure that your subject line is relevant to the contents of your email, or the users may ignore your emails if they feel it is click bait. The rest of your email body should include content that is to the point and short. Talk about one topic instead of multiple as it may confuse your users. Use sections and paragraphs to make it more organized.


Another important aspect is design. Refrain from using any bold colors or fancy templates or formats. The best way to go with this is using an easy, simple layout that helps you get your message across. Use a font that is easy to read with appropriate sizing. Try to make your emails look less cluttered so that it’s easy to follow and read. Ensure that you add a clear CTA or call to action that is visible easily. This can help you get more conversions as users click on your CTAs.


Provide a great landing page experience


When your users click on a CTA, they are directed to a landing page on your website where they can convert. To enable your users to engage with this page and convert you need to focus on optimizing your landing page. When your web page is not optimized for mobile the layout and formatting can look odd, fonts could be too tiny, or the page can take longer to load. All these issues can discourage your user from interacting with the landing page and exit without taking any action.


Ensure that your landing page is compatible with mobile screens. Place your CTA or forms on the top of the page where they can be easily visible. A good way to ensure optimal performance is to conduct A/B testing. This can help you determine which CTA placement, layout, formatting, or fonts work best for your landing page. You can experiment with various design elements or content hierarchy to see what your audiences prefer. This can help you create a landing page that caters to your target audience and provides a great user experience.


Create local listings


Users are going to search for your business online, so it is important to provide them with the information they are looking for. The main pieces of information your users are most commonly looking for is your location and contact information. To make your business more visible, create an account on Google My Business and list your business. You can add your address, phone number, services, and a variety of other information.


When users search for your business through their mobile devices, they can easily find your address and contact number. They can simply click on the number to dial or view your address on Google map for directions. This creates a seamless experience for users who are looking for your business.


Use text messages


Text messages are a quick and easy way to deliver messages to your users. People always have their mobile devices on them. If you send them text messages, they are more likely to view it. Like email marketing, you can also incorporate text messaging and send important updates through texts. Be sure to send messages that are valuable to your users. If users find your message irrelevant or annoying, they will block your number.


First, start off by asking your user’s permission to send them texts. Along with that also make it easy for users to opt out of receiving texts from you. This builds trust and users don’t feel annoyed with your messages as they have given permission already. With text messages you can easily track who opens your messages and which links they clicked on. You can also get user’s feedback as they can quickly reply through messages. With texts you can instantly share your messages with your target customers.


Make it easy to fill opt-in forms


An opt-in form is a form of consent that users fill out on your web pages that shows they are interested in your products or services and authorize you to send them communication. These forms are important to start building relationships with your prospects. Based on this form you can collect their contact information and send them messages. You need to ensure that these forms are easy for your users to fill out, especially through mobile devices. Make sure that the layout and formatting of this form is correct and aligns with the small mobile screen. Sometimes if the text is too small on a mobile device, users can find it difficult to fill these forms.


When you create your forms go through the fields. Make sure that the fields you choose are relevant to your offer. Don’t ask too many questions that keep the users from filling out your form. Find options that reduce the need for users to type. Users may find it a tedious task to type on their mobile devices. In such cases you can give them the option to sign in through their Google account or social media account so that they don’t have to type all their information.


Think about voice search queries


Many users prefer using voice search instead of typing search queries. Voice search queries will be different from text search as people will use full sentences instead of a couple of keywords. To optimize for voice search you can research about long-tailed keywords or longer search terms that users are most likely to use. This is a good way to reach users who utilize voice search.


Every business is different and may utilize different mobile strategies to connect with their audiences. The tips mentioned above provide a good starting point to implement your mobile marketing strategy. The focus of your strategy should be to create good and relevant experiences for your users. Ensure that whichever strategies you plan to implement think about the perspectives of your audiences. A strategy that is focused on making the lives of its audience easy, is bound to succeed.


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