10 Ways To Do Mobile App Promotion Organically

10 Ways To Do Mobile App Promotion Organically

If you are just getting started with app marketing, then here are marketing strategies you can leverage that do not require you to invest a lot.

By: Akshata Shirsath | 5 mins read
Published: Nov 26, 2021 4:37:50 PM | Updated: Jun 12, 2024 01:49:11 AM

App promotion is a key factor in the success of your app. Even though you build a great app, without promotion you will not be able to drive more traffic to it. Sometimes businesses invest a lot of money in marketing and promotion, but do not get the desired results. Whereas some others can be hesitant to invest in promotions. This is especially true for small business owners who may not have the resources to invest in promotional activities or events.


Marketing can help you reach a wide range of your target audience and create awareness about your app. It can influence your target audiences to try your app over your competitors. If you are just getting started with app marketing, then there are some marketing strategies you can leverage that do not require you to invest a lot of money. In this article we will discuss some organic mobile app promotion strategies that can help your app maintain success in the long run.


10 Organic Mobile App Promotion Strategies


Reach out to your customers


Get started with your mobile app marketing at an early stage when you start developing your app. User experience is everything when it comes to designing and developing a successful app. You can brainstorm ideas and anticipate what your customers will like. However, you can be one step further by directly asking them.


When you start planning your app design you can reach out to your existing customers. Look for contacts from your database who have already purchased from you or engage with you regularly. You can email these customers with a questionnaire or survey to find out their preferences. Tell your customers about the new app you are launching and find out what their opinions are on various aspects like design, features and other preferences. You can offer them some discount or any educational content in return.


Your customers will feel more appreciated as you are asking for their feedback and would want to try out your app in the future. This is a great way to build long-term relationships with your existing customers. Moreover, you can include these insights to create an app that resonates with your target audience.



Talk about your app in a blog


Blogging is a great way to generate traffic to your website organically. It also provides valuable and educational content to your target audience. To create more awareness about your mobile app, you can create a blog post dedicated to your app. Talk about the main pain points of your target customers and how your app can help solve them.


You can educate your audiences about your app through this blog. Include a CTA that leads your audiences to download your app. In addition, also include images, screenshots, or videos to give your audiences a better understanding of your app.



Search Engine Optimization


Many businesses leverage ASO or app store optimization for the visibility of their apps, but completely overlook SEO or search engine optimization. You need SEO for your app as much as you need SEO. Although SEO is to help you optimize your website for greater visibility, it can also be useful to make your app more visible to your audiences on the web.


Start by researching relevant keywords to your app that your audiences are likely to use. This can be related to the problems they face where your app can be a solution. These keywords can help your app show up in the search results page and lead your audiences to download your app. You will also need SEO for your website content like blogs to help you generate more traffic. This can also lead audiences to your app.


Ensure that you leverage SEO strategies to help you get more traffic for your app. If you overlook SEO then you may miss out on many of your target audiences who are looking for information on the web.


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 Create demo videos


Visual content is very powerful and can grab the attention of your audiences instantly. Create a demo video for your app highlighting all its important features. This video can be 30 seconds long or more depending on what you want to include. In this video address all the important questions your audiences may have about your app.


You can share this video on your website and all your social media channels to create awareness about your app. Along with this video you can also create other videos focusing on various aspects of your app. Sharing on social media platforms is a great way to generate more traffic for your app. A video also serves as an educational content to give important information to your audiences which can encourage them to download your app.


Join groups on social media


Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook have groups which are spaces for people with similar interests where they can share content and have discussions. Research about various groups that are relevant to your app, industry, audiences, products, or services. For example, you can join an app developer’s group or groups that are relevant to your app category. There are numerous groups online that can be relevant to your business.


In these groups you can find your audiences, competitors, or industry experts. It can be a good platform for you to share your content or give your opinions that can allow other people to notice you. It can help you establish yourself as a credible business and make people curious to try your app. You can also ask people for feedback about various aspects of your app on this group.


Explore other app stores


Along with Google Play and App Store, there are also other app stores you can upload your app on. Other app stores like Amazon Appstore or AppBrain are growing in the mobile app market. When you put your app on these other platforms you increase the possibility of more downloads.


As other app stores are gaining more popularity, ensure that you take that opportunity by placing your app where you can get more visibility.


Include app CTAs on your website


Ensure that you include your app download CTA on your Homepage and other important pages of your website. You can include these links on the top or bottom of your website’s pages. These links should be visible to the users on your webpage.


This informs the users about your app and makes it easy for them to download with the click of a button.


Create a great landing page


Build a great landing page for your app. When the user comes across the URL of your app and clicks on it, they will be led to this landing page. You can inform the users about your app and its features along with great visuals like screenshots and videos. Then place the link to various app stores that leads the users to download your app.


A great user experience encourages users to engage with your page and convert. Make your landing page simple, informative, and accessible so that users can take the desired actions.


Email marketing


Email marketing is a great way to reach your users. Most customers prefer receiving emails as they give permission to the business to contact them. Talk about your app in the emails you send your users. Include download links so that the users are led directly to the app store. You can send users valuable content, and other offers in your emails that can encourage them to try your app.


Provide users with relevant content like your app updates, industry news or address their pain points to help them engage with your emails. With emails you can not only create awareness about your app but also build valuable relationships with your customers.



Reach out to influencers


Influencers are people who share their thoughts and experiences with a product and influence the buying decisions of their followers. They can use various social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or blogs to talk about the products or services from relevant industries. You can build connections with influencers who are app enthusiasts or are relevant to your products or industry.


This is a good way to develop relationships with influencers who can bring more traffic for your app. Reach out to influencers or bloggers who create content that is relevant to your target audiences. Many businesses offer influencers some compensation for reviewing their products. But instead of doing that you can find influencers who value your product and company and find your app useful.


Getting started with mobile app promotion does not have to be so challenging. Content is key when it comes to generating traffic organically. Create relevant content or messaging that can help you reach more users. The mobile app strategies mentioned above can get you started with your app promotion without having to invest a lot of resources.


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