How to Write a Newsletter

How to Write a Newsletter

How to Write a Newsletter

By: Nishan Singh | 1 mins read
Published: Dec 8, 2017 8:23:00 AM | Updated: Jun 12, 2024 01:49:10 AM

Newsletters are an effective way to engage with your customers and everyone else who needs to know about your business. The style, content, format, and technology used to deliver and read these are changing every year. But by keeping up with the changes and delivering good quality information that has a clear “what’s in it for me” message, your newsletters will help you build strong customer loyalty, good repeat business, a positive referral network and of course immediate sales. Learn how to write a newsletter from a marketing expert today.

Creating a Great Newsletter

Writing a great newsletter takes planning, a thorough understanding of who you are targeting and why, plus a commitment to writing them regularly.

Why are you sending out a newsletter?

Before you start, have a clear objective as to why you are sending out a newsletter. Do you want to build relationships with customers, or encourage new customers to order from you straight away? Or do you want to drive more traffic to your website?

Who is the newsletter for?

Decide who your target audience is and what topics you think will interest them.

How will you present it?

Will they view it on a tablet or mobile phone? Take care when using email formats as there is a risk that what you send becomes jumbled, or that you send a very large file, which jams up your receiver’s computer.

Writing a newsletter

What about content?

Think about how much time your customers will have when they read the newsletter. Is it a quick read, or a leisurely read from cover to cover over coffee?

How often will you send out your newsletter?

Choose a frequency you know you can stick to. Once your readers have an expectation they are going to receive your newsletter every two months, you will blow your credibility if you forget, or are too busy to send them one for a while. – We can help you with this if you find it hard to stick to your schedule!

Take a test run:

Always test your newsletter on a few selected people before you distribute it more widely. Ask for their feedback on how interesting it is, how easy it is to read and how clear the information is.