We are rebranding to Analytico

We are rebranding to Analytico

We are rebranding to Analytico

By: Analytico Team | 2 mins read
Published: Jan 24, 2020 4:05:19 PM | Updated: Jul 10, 2024 12:47:26 PM

We are very excited to announce that as of January 24, 2020, we are rebranding our company.

As part of our rebranding strategy, our business operating name will change from Chhlin Inc. to Analytico. This name change is part of our strategy targeted to emphasize the strength of our capabilities, growth, and commitment to helping our clients leverage analytics to streamline their marketing strategies and goals.

The rebranding for Chhlin was undertaken to refocus our brand image on our analytics-driven core methodology. Our company has extensive expertise in analytics and we want to highlight this core strength clearly to our audiences. This will reposition us in the market alongside our competitors who also use the analytics approach. The focus of this rebrand is not for change but for growth.

Our rebranding strategy has proved to be successful as Analytico has been named the Top Digital Marketing Firm in Canada by Clutch.

What does this mean for our existing clients?

We will have even more expertise and capabilities to offer your team. We will continue to work hard for you, providing the brilliant and fun professionalism you’ve come to experience. You will start to see changes to our website, social media platforms and our other digital and non-digital properties.

As we start this process, we’d like to take some time to thank our clients, partners, associates, and last but not least, our team. Without you all, this would not be possible.

We look forward to a successful 2020 with all of you!

Our core services

Analytics-driven marketing is what best describes our business. We believe in providing our customers with solutions that are not only effective, but help them to actually achieve their business goals. We excel in technology and know how to utilize it so that our customers can stay ahead of their competition. We design customized strategic plans to help businesses predict market opportunities and use their resources wisely.

What has changed

Company Name

One of the elements that we will rebrand is the company’s name. The company will be renamed as Analytico. The aim of this is to focus on our core service of analytics. This is done by keeping the company’s philosophy in mind, as well as business goals, customers and so on. The change in name will help our target audience recognize what it is that we specialize in. We are creating trust and credibility among our target audience by conveying our expertise to them. We want our audience to be able to know that what we specialize in right off the bat without any need for research. Since the primary challenge our audience faces is the lack of analytical approach, we want them to have confidence that we have the solution they are looking for.


The change in logo will be as follows:

Old Logo

New Logo

The colour of the logo will remain the same, while the name in the logo will be replaced with our new name, Analytico. The two colours demonstrated will symbolize the values we have always adhered to. The blue signifies building trust and credibility with our audience, and the red shows that we are quick to take actions. The words ‘Strategy’, ‘Analytics’ and ‘Marketing’ below the company name are the three pillars of our core services that we specialize in. We strongly believe that successful marketing is all about strategy. A strong strategy is what leads an organization to achieve their business goals. Analytics is what gives us and our clients a competitive advantage. With an analytics driven approach, we can forecast marketing opportunities and give solutions accordingly to help your business grow and increase its revenue.