Top App Store Optimization Strategies To Help You Rank Higher

Top App Store Optimization Strategies To Help You Rank Higher

App Store Optimization is the process of improving the ranking of mobile apps and helps in increasing the visibility and conversions of the apps.

By: Akshata Shirsath | 4 mins read
Published: Aug 11, 2020 12:56:06 PM | Updated: Jul 10, 2024 12:45:11 PM

The use of mobile applications has increased significantly over the years. People prefer to have quick and easy access to products or services through their smartphones. With an increase in app usage, there is an increase in competition among businesses to market their apps. According to Statista’s mobile app usage statistics, there were 204 billion app downloads worldwide in 2019. The app revenue worldwide was $462 billion USD. Currently, Google Play Store has 2.56 million apps and Apple App Store has 1.85 million.

With the increasing number of apps that are on the market, businesses can struggle to make their apps visible in the app store. To increase app visibility businesses, need to use effective App Store Optimization or ASO strategies. These strategies can help you increase awareness about your app and help you rank better on the app store, increasing chances for download. Moreover, a well-optimized app will ensure long-term success post-launch.

Before we take a look at these strategies let’s understand App Store Optimization.

What is App Store Optimization or ASO?

App Store Optimization is the process of improving the ranking of mobile apps on the app store. It helps in increasing the visibility and conversions of the apps. ASO is similar to Search Engine Optimization or SEO techniques that help improve the ranking of a website on Google’s search results. To improve your ranking, you might need both ASO and SEO.


Ranking on Google Play Store and Apple App Store depends on two factors, which are keywords and app performance. Text fields like title, description, keyword list in the app store listings must include relevant keywords. App performance includes downloads, ratings, reviews, and engagement. This will help you determine how well the app will rank for those specific keywords.

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Here are some App Store Optimization strategies that will help you improve your app ranking in the app store and stay ahead of the competition.


Strategies to optimize your app store listing

Optimize the Title

The title is an important aspect of your app. It not only helps your customers identify your app but also improves the ranking. Both Apple iOS and Google play operate differently, which is why how you create your title should depend on which of these app stores you market on. The title of your app should be creative and descriptive. It should be a name that clearly defines the purpose of your app.

In the title, you also need to include relevant keywords to help your app come up when a search query is entered. This will improve your ranking and allow your users to find your app easily. Conduct research on various keyword options and select the ones that have a medium to low competition. You also need to make sure that the keyword has enough search volume.

Keyword Research

Just like SEO, keywords are important in ASO. One important step is to research the keywords you will be using in your texts like title and description. Research keywords that are based on the queries of your target audience. Use keywords in the description a few times but do not overuse them. Excessive use of keywords can lead to a drop in your ranking.

When selecting your keywords consider the search volume, competition, ranking difficulty, etc. Also, look at the keywords your competitors or the top apps are using. Make sure that your keywords have search volume so that you are sure that they are in demand. Keyword with a medium to low competition to rank better for that particular keyword. Determine one or two top keywords that you can use in your app title, this can improve your app’s search ranking.

Write a Good Description

Invest your time and creativity in writing a good description of your app. The description presents your app to the audience. The description should talk about how your app can solve the customer’s problem. Your audience should know about the benefits of using your app. This will persuade them to invest in your app.

Along with the description you can also use screenshots of the various features of the app. This can give your audience a look at the interface and make it visually pleasing. These visuals can capture the attention of the users and make them curious enough to try your app.

Use Quality Images

One of the aspects of ASO is quality content, which includes visuals. The screenshots or any other visuals you upload should be high-quality. This will draw the customers to your app as well as help improve your search ranking. If you have poor quality visuals the users might not trust your app and would not download it. Make sure to have clean, crisp with colors that are easy on the eyes.

App Icon

Icon design is a crucial element for your app. The audience can identify your app through the icon. Spend time and money on designing an icon that is innovative as well as has a good brand recall. Experimenting with different variants of the icon is a good idea to gauge which one is preferred by your customers. Icon design plays a key role in improving the overall quality of your app to improve the ranking.

Pick the Correct Category

Place your app in the right category whether it’s the Apple Store or Google Play Store. It makes it easier for your users to find your app when they are browsing by category. Select the category that best describes your app. Take a look at how many apps are there in that category. If the category has low competition, then your app might have a chance of ranking higher. If you put your app in the wrong category, chances are it might now get published. Apps are often reviewed before they get a green signal to be published.

Ratings and Reviews

Customer ratings and reviews add credibility to your app. It improves the quality of your app to help you rank higher. Encourage your customers to write positive feedback for your app. You can send push notifications for them to rate your app. The better ratings you have the more downloads you will get. Feedback also helps you understand if there are any areas you can improve to make the app better.

Have a Website

Most businesses have their website, but if you do not, then be sure to invest in developing your website. Customers who download your app might also want to take a look at your website. It is also a good way for your app to be discovered on Google search results if customers are looking for the products or services that you happen to offer. Have an app download option on your website. If you are running Paid Ads, you can have a landing page that takes the user directly to download your app. Here you can use SEO to help improve the ranking of your website which can bring more traffic and increase downloads.

App visibility plays a key role in making your app successful. The strategies discussed above are good practices you can keep in mind when you are launching your app. Or if you already have an app you can incorporate these changes to get a higher ranking. Apple Store and Google Play are different in their approach, but these strategies can work for both. App Store Optimization can help you stay ahead of the competition and make your app stand out.

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