7 Impressive Tools for Enhancing Your Content Marketing Campaigns

7 Impressive Tools for Enhancing Your Content Marketing Campaigns

Selection of some of the best content marketing tools, allowing you to enhance and streamline a typical content marketing campaign.

By: Nishan Singh | 2 mins read
Published: Mar 19, 2018 9:10:39 AM | Updated: Jul 10, 2024 12:47:35 PM

Smart content marketing is one of the most effective strategies available for online businesses of all sizes. Whether you run a large agency or operate as a solo entrepreneur, content can be used to find new leads and build a strong brand that resonates with your ideal audience. Trying to do everything alone can be tough, though, so it is worth using some of the many tools created to enhance your efforts. There is an array of content types available in a broad campaign, meaning you can find tools to cover many different tasks. The following is a selection of some of the best of these tools, allowing you to enhance and streamline a typical content marketing campaign.


Coming up with new ideas for content is one of the biggest challenges you will face. However, even if you do think of an engaging idea, working out if it will resonate is a further problem. BuzzSumo helps overcome these issues by uncovering content that has already been shared across the major social networks. If a piece of content has been shared widely, you can be positive that something similar might also provide great results.


Images are a huge part of the online experience, with boring stock images doing nothing to improve your content. Canva is an impressive tool as it offers a large number of eye-catching templates that even a beginner can adjust to suit the needs of a project. With a minimal amount of effort, creating images and graphics to the same quality as a graphic designer would provide is now possible.


One of the easiest ways to generate leads from your content is to turn an existing blog post into a downloadable PDF. Many subscribers will appreciate a quality blog post and be happy to give their email address in exchange for an ebook version of the post. Designrr turns written content into ebooks, using attractive templates and a smooth editing system to help create a valuable item in minutes.


When it comes to creating content that gets shared, infographics are among the best performing options available. Promoting infographics as a strategy was overused for a time, but the results are now largely dependent on the quality of information you provide. Piktochart lets you create beautiful graphics with their existing templates. You could simply add your data to a template and start promoting or get creative with the editing options.


ClearVoice lets you control a number of important content marketing elements from a single piece of software. You can quickly analyze the best performing pieces of content, find common trends, and design new content based on your research. Next, you can tap into a network of freelancers, finding the right person to create the content you need. Rather than spending hours creating the content yourself, you can have qualified professionals work to your specifications.


Of course, creating great content is not enough to provide top results. It is also important to have a system in place to share your content in the most effective way. Buffer is a tool for sharing content on social media, allowing you to schedule posts from a single location. While you can easily add content to your social media accounts individually, Buffer includes analytics that enables you to track the performance of each post, helping you make the smart decisions that bring results.


Grammar is an important part of content creation. Even if you are not creating articles, you will probably require an enticing headline or description. Grammarly is a tool that helps eliminate common grammatical problems, while also making suggestions for writing improvements. Run your content through the tool before publishing, analyze the results, and ensure your writing is at a high level.

There are many more tools you could benefit from using, but this list should be enough for most content marketers looking for an edge. The tools can help you streamline operations, quickening up the process of creating and publishing content to an eager audience. Ultimately, tools should be there to make your life easier, so find the products that suit you and start gaining the benefits in your next campaign.